Luxury small appartment

Today I have another offer for you to buy real estate – luxury marbella golden mile property for sale.
The price of the apartment: two hundred and fifty thousand euros
Number of rooms: two (living room is connected to the bedroom), children\’s room + kitchen and bathroom
Apartment size: one hundred square meters

bytové domy
When we enter the first room of the apartment, we can see as the first a large living room with a bedroom (which is a very special but interesting connection of rooms). There are large glass folding windows on the sides of the living room, through which the air flows well into the rooms, so it cannot happen that you are too hot.
The windows have white, shorter curtains and under the windows are radiators, which are used mainly in colder periods, when it is most cold. Opposite one folding window are two beds separated by a table in dark brown foundations. It looks very elegant. Above each bed hang two identical pictures, which give the whole apartment a more elegant and pleasant impression. The beds have unobtrusive white sheets with red dots.
The living room also has a beige-white sofa, which is very comfortable to sit on. There are wooden supports on the walls, so the house does not look completely modern, but it has its own charm and looks very natural and elegant. Next we can enter the bathroom, which has a shower and bath, which is very unconventional in the apartment, but it is a huge advantage, so just because I would choose this apartment + toilet in beige. As another room we can see the kitchen, which is decorated in white and beige. The kitchen also has wooden foundations and is very spacious.

As the last room we can see a children\’s room decorated in pink with a pink bed (because a little girl sleeps in it) and toys.
If you are interested in this offer, do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email. Thank you